Friday, 28 February 2014

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this eBook cost me #2500 but I am dropping it for free cause I know how challenging our country could be for our young stars who want to make money at home.

Kidnappers demand N500m ransom to free Pres. Jonathan's uncle

Abductors of Inengite Nitabai, the 70-year old uncle of President Goodluck Jonathan, have demanded a N500m ransom, Sahara Reporters report.

A security source said that the abductors threatened to kill him if the family fails to produce the money. The source also said the family had constituted a committee to evaluate the demand, establish negotiations with the abductors and facilitate his release.

He said the kidnappers had also warned against the involvement of security operatives in the matter.
"The kidnappers contacted the family four days after and demanded a whopping sum of N500m. It is believed that the family of the victim has begun negotiations with the hoodlums," he said.

Tension and panic set in when the kidnappers failed to establish any contact with the family of their victim three days after he was abducted.

That development was said to have rattled the Presidency, which reportedly ordered a massive deployment of security in Otuoke, the hometown of the Jonathans, and the Niger Delta creeks.
The gunmen abducted Nitabai on Sunday after collecting about N400,000 from his wife.

Source: Sahara Reporters

Happy New Month Everyone!

Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes you wonder what for. Sometimes when you try to get up, you fall. Sometimes the fall kills you. Sometimes you don't want to try to get up anymore. But remember, when you're down, the only way left to go is UP! Get Up. Keep believing! Fly!
Wishing you all the success.
Happy new month!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Senate orders army to the North after Yobe school massacre

With 59 school children dead in Yobe State, the Senate Defence Committee has ordered the Nigerian Army to the North East today to provide protection. (A survivor pictured above)

The Senate Defence Committee, chaired by Senator George Thompson Sekibo suspended budget hearings to pass a resolution which ordered the Nigerian Army to the North East.

Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Kenneth Minimah was ordered to provide security for all schools and health institutions in the Boko Haram affected areas to include Maiduguri and Yobe.

General Minimah thanked the Committee for its concern and said, " will be the last of such from the insurgents." Continue...

The resolution, introduction by Senator Ojudu from Ekiti Central, was critical of the military's failure to pick up intelligence before the attack and its slowness to respond to the attack for five hours.

Ojudu said, "The North East calls for special attention and we should not be seating down here in Abuja discussing budget while our young ones are being slaughtered in cold blood."

It ordered the army to develop a strategy to curb to the attacks of Boko Haram using all military resources, and relocate to Maiduguri temporarily. 

All schools and health institutions to be provided with special security. 

And the Committee of Defense invited the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to provide the Armed Forces with what it needs.

The Committee of Defence will tour the three affected states when the Senate resumes it plenary.

Source: Sahara Reporters

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Nigerian student, Godwin Ayogu, murdered in Ghana

A Nigerian student studying in Ghana has been found murdered. Godwin Ayogu (pictured above), a 300level student of Social Sciences at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana was killed by unknown person/s and his body dumped by the roadside.

Godwin, said to be in his early 20s, was last seen on Tuesday February 18th at the university. His body was found on Wednesday February 19th. 

According to his friends, Godwin, who was the first child of his parents, had been planning to return to Nigeria on Wednesday to spend time with his family when his body was found. The Ghanaian police say they are investigating the case, but many of his friends fear the case will be swept under the carpet so they reached out to the Nigerian media. Will bring an update later...

Thursday, 20 February 2014

President Jonathan suspends Lamido Sanusi as CBN governor, appoints acting CBN governor,Dr Sarah Alade

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
President Jonathan has announced the suspension of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. 

This was made known in a statement signed Thursday by Reuben Abati Special Adviser to the President on Media & Publicity. 

The statement reads thus; 

Having taken special notice of reports of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria and other investigating bodies, which indicate clearly that Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi's tenure has been characterized by various acts of financial recklessness and misconduct which are inconsistent with the administration's vision of a Central Bank propelled by the core values of focused economic management, prudence, transparency and financial discipline; 

Being also deeply concerned about far-reaching irregularities under Mallam Sanusi's watch which have distracted the Central Bank away from the pursuit and achievement of its statutory mandate; and 

Being determined to urgently re-position the Central Bank of Nigeria for greater efficiency, respect for due process and accountability, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has ordered the immediate suspension of Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi from the Office of Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. 

President Jonathan has further ordered that Mallam Sanusi should hand over to the most senior Deputy Governor of the CBN, Dr Sarah Alade who will serve as Acting Governor until the conclusion of on-going investigations into breaches of enabling laws, due process and mandate of the CBN. 

The President expects that as Acting Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Alade will focus on the core mandate of the Bank and conduct its affairs with greater professionalism, prudence and propriety to restore domestic and international confidence in the country's apex bank. 

The Federal Government of Nigeria reassures all stakeholders in Nigeria's financial and monetary system that this decision has been taken in absolute good faith, in the overall interest of the Nigerian economy and in accordance with our laws and due process.

Source: Punch News Paper

Photos: Sanusi Lamido's passport seized by SSS

Suspended CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi on arrival to Nigeria from Niger Republic where he went for an ECOWAS event was stopped by SSS and his passport was seized at the airport. 

Sahara Reporter reports that it was later released back to him after he argued that he wasn't a criminal.
Sanusi is currently in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Culled from:

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

President Jonathan finally sacks aviation minister Oduah Stella

Minister of Aviation Ms. Stella Oduah
President Goodluck Jonathan has finally sacked the embattled Minister of Aviation, Ms. Stella Oduah. 

Others affected were Caleb Olubolade (Police Affairs); Godsday Orubebe (Niger Delta); and Yerima Ngama (State, Finance). 

"They were dropped, they did not resign," a cabinet source told PUNCH 

Oduah's approval for the purchase of two bullet-proof cars for N255m caused public outrage in the country with many Nigerians calling for her removal and prosecution. 
Details later.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Val, Read the this.

Most people do not understand the meaning of val and I know people will go astray Because of valentine day, some might die,but i do not wish you that.For ladies who is more desperate to mess up that day,start now to think for your self, remember how your parents in one way must have suffered for you,remember how poor your home is and do not forget to remember how rich your home is.Then think of how your mummy or daddy will feel when you lose your life to Allahaji because of feminism gifts. For female students who thinks that immediately they live their home back to school, they feel their now landlady. why not cool down and love God, you have lived long more days, many things have made you happy more than the day you were born. why do you think that valentine day can be more special. be careful of who you hang with, because i know most of you people do reason from the anus.

     And for men, who are running around to save enough fund to hangout and drink. Think of when you finally drink and eventually get diabetic, then that your friend you are trying to make proud will no longer be yours. Why not settle down. when the word crucified Jesus, he knew that was going to happen, but he mellowed down and accepted death. then ask your self,who are you that you can not think like the son of the soil. Then girl you want to lavish your money with is not yours,because they only have interest on materialism, cars, blackberry,Samsung Galaxy,i phone 4,and your Valentine the way it suppose to be.and GOD will bless u more and more to witness next year val.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Many of us reading the post find it difficult to download and enjoy videos on youtube
Here is the simple steps you will learn and you can be able to download your favorite video file from youtube.
These are all you need
Goto  youtube and locate the video you wish to download
Copy the video URL
After you must have copied it
Open another tab and open this site
paste the video URL you copied earlier and and paste in the media URL and click continue
then the site will run check up for verification  
when its done confirming ,it will ask you to convert to any format you to choose
click start
then download.

Hope this help, comment if you have any question.

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Written by Emmanuel Jeremaih
Edited by Ubaliveinfo

It’s obvious that we are addicted to laptops but without battery it is no more than a paperweight. Laptops has a battery life of about 3-4 hours. So what if you could do something to increase your laptop’s battery life i.e making it last for some few extra hours. Won’t that we wonderful?
But with this  methods on how to increase battery life of Laptop PCs.
*Close Background Running Applications.
In simple terms, anything your laptop does, requires power. Therefore, when your laptop is running on battery, shutting down applications that you aren’t using instead of minimizing it to Windows taskbar is preferable.
This important to extend laptop’s battery life because all these add to the CPU load and consumes battery power/life
*Turn Down Display Brightness.
Laptop’s screen with lager display (14-inch to 18-inch) is the single component that consumes a lot of battery power. To avoid this battery loss you can lower down screen brightness to the dimmest setting you can tolerate.
However, you might need to increase brightness depending on where you are. For instance, if you’re sitting under direct sunlight you’ll have to increase screen brightness.
*Turn off Bluetooth and Wireless Connections.
You need laptop’s Bluetooth and wireless connection to send and receive file or to connection with people around the world. But when you aren’t using these connections turn them off.
Because, both Bluetooth and WiFi connections (3G, 4G Broadband) drains a portion of battery by sending and receiving wireless signal data.
*Setup & Optimize Power Option.
The Windows operating  system allows you to setup and optimize battery power supply. In control panel find power option and set it up as per your requirement.
There are two basic and three additional power plans which can help you maximize your laptop computer’s performance or conserve energy.
Use Hibernate Option Over Standby
Although in standby mode your laptop recovers your data quickly as it is stored in RAM. It drains out battery while running on low power mode, but still on.
On the other hand, hibernating your laptop completely shut it down and doesn’t use any power. In this mode your data is saved to your hard disk and not RAM. So, this option is much safer but slows down shut down and resumes.
By following these methods you can easily increase your laptop’s battery life by hours in some case and can also enhance computer performance .

How to manually configure,airtel,etisalat,glo modem.

Many of you must have purchased your universal modem long time ago but you cannot configure the setttings for internet browsing.many of you,must have cracked and unlock your modem i.e make your modem universal by doing so,your modem will not be entitled to only the use of one Sim,But to make things easier for me and you,i would prefer you to use a locked modem.Because it would be impossible to use more than one settings for one network modem.Except you will continue changing your settings whenever you insert a different into your modem.
I will give you the configuration settings for Mtn,Glo,Airtel, Etisalat.
To manually configure your mtn Sim,follow the simple steps below.
=click"tool",then "option"="profile management"="new" enter the name you want to make use of e.g mtnfastlink, mtnprolink.e.t.c...then click on "static" and fill in the following.

CoNFIguration for etisalat.(easynet)

COnfiguration for glo.NETPRO(GLOflat apn).

For Glo netpro.(glounsecure apn).

For AIRTEL nigeria.
After doing this,you are good to go.if you find this useful to you,share it, or better still drop your testimony or complain.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Download New Music: Davido - AYE

New Music: Davido - AYE. Davido drops his first single of 2014. AYE is a love song about a rare non- materialistic girl who does not want any of Davido's 'ferraris' but only his love. Download AYE by Davido.

Thursday, 6 February 2014


Article is written by Mbata Blessing J 

A transformer is an apparatus for reducing or increasing the voltage of an alternating current. A transformer is an electrical device which, by the principles of electromagnetic induction, transfer electrical energy from one electric circuit to another, without changing the frequency. The energy transfer usually takes place with a change of voltage and current. Transformers either increases or decrease AC voltage. Transformers are used to meet a wide variety of needs. some transformers can be several stories high, like the type found at a generating station or small enough to hold in your hand, which might be used with the charging cradle for a video camera. No matter what the shape or size, a transformers purpose remains the same; transforming electrical power from one type to another. There are many different types of transformers in use today.
1.     Auto Transformers
2.     Distribution Transformers

Monday, 3 February 2014


HIV Prevention
The Basics of HIV Prevention
HIV is spread through contact with the blood, semen, vaginal fluid, or breast milk of a person infected with HIV.
The most common way to get HIV is by having unprotected sex with a person who has HIV. (Unprotected sex means not using a condom.) Another common way to get HIV is by sharing drug injection equipment (such as needles and syringes) with a person infected with HIV.
To reduce your risk of HIV infection, use condoms correctly every time you have vaginal, oral, or anal sex. Don’t inject drugs. If you do, use only clean needles and equipment and don’t share your equipment with others.
Treatment with HIV medicines (called antiretroviral therapy or ART for short) helps people with HIV live longer, healthier lives. Although ART can reduce the risk of HIV transmission, it’s still important to use condoms during sex.
How is HIV spread?
HIV is spread through contact with the blood, semen, vaginal fluid, or breast milk of a person infected with HIV. The spread of HIV from person to person is called HIV transmission.
The most common way to get HIV is by having unprotected sex with a person who has HIV. (Unprotected sex means not using a condom.) During unprotected vaginal, oral, or anal sex, HIV can enter the opening to the penis or the lining of the vagina, mouth, anus, or rectum. It can also enter through cuts and sores in the mouth or on the skin.
Another common way to get HIV is by sharing drug injection equipment (such as needles and syringes) with a person who has HIV.
HIV can also pass from an HIV-infected woman to her child during pregnancy, childbirth (also called labor and delivery), or breastfeeding. This spread of HIV is called mother-to-child transmission of HIV.
In the past, some people were infected with HIV after receiving a blood transfusion or organ transplant from an HIV-infected donor. Today, this risk is very low because the supply of donated blood and organs is carefully tested in the United States.
You can’t get HIV by shaking hands with, hugging, or closed-mouth kissing a person infected with HIV. And you can’t get HIV from contact with objects such as toilet seats, doorknobs, or dishes used by a person infected with HIV.
How can I reduce my risk of getting HIV?
Anybody can get HIV, but you can take steps to protect yourself from HIV infection.
Don’t have sex. Abstinence (not having sex of any kind) is a sure way to avoid HIV infection through sexual contact.
Get tested and know your partner’s HIV status. Talk to your partner about HIV testing and get tested before you have sex.
Be faithful to your partner. If you and your partner are both HIV negative and have sex only with each other, you are not at risk of HIV infection through sexual contact.
Use condoms. Use a condom every time you have vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Read this fact sheet on how to use condoms correctly. 
Limit your number of sexual partners. If you have more than one sexual partner, get tested for HIV regularly. Get tested and treated for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and insist that your partners do, too. Having an STI can increase your risk of becoming infected with HIV.
Don’t inject drugs. But if you do, use only clean needles and equipment and don’t share your equipment with others



Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is what causes us to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain idea.
It involves the biological, emotional, social and cognitive forces that activate behavior. In everyday usage, the term motivation is frequently used to describe why a person does something. For example, you might say that a student is so motivated to get into a clinical psychology program that she spends every night studying.
Psychologists have proposed a number of different theories of motivation, including drive theory, instinct theory and humanistic theory.
There are three major components to motivation: activation, persistence and intensity. Activation involves the decision to initiate a behavior, such as enrolling in a psychology class. Persistence is the continued effort toward a goal even though obstacles may exist, such as taking more psychology courses in order to earn a degree although it requires a significant investment of time, energy and resources. Finally, intensity can be seen in the concentration and vigor that goes into pursuing a goal. For example, one student might coast by without much effort, while another student will study regularly, participate in discussions and take advantage of research opportunities outside of class.
Different types of motivation are frequently described as being either extrinsic or intrinsic.

Extrinsic motivations: are those that arise from outside of the individual and often involve rewards such as trophies, money, social recognition or praise, here an individual may choose to act boldly in other to get an attached reward for example, An individual may choose to work heard just to get a particular reward which could be either money or praises while forgetting the importance of hard working.

Intrinsic motivations : are those that arise from within the individual, here the individual understands the importance of hard work, it does not go with reward, individual who is acting under this is said to have self esteem, for an example, eg Doing a complicated cross-word puzzle purely for the personal gratification of solving a problem, the person is not doing it just too receive praises from anyone but for the personal gratification of solving a problem.

NOTE: At the end of this post ,everyone who participated is expected to know the meaning of motivation, Types of Motivation and the on best suitable for daily living.

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Again! ? Atiku dumps PDP, defects to APC

Former Vice-President of the country and one of the founders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, yesterday, again dumped the party, alleging a reign of impunity that has put the party beyond redemption. 

Atiku, whose resignation letter is to be delivered to the PDP ward chairman in Jada, Adamawa State today, said he would be joining the All Progressives Congress, APC. 

Sources close to the former vice-president told Vanguard last night that Atiku would be received by the top leadership of the APC at a rally being organised in Yola this morning. 

Party leaders, including Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, among others, are to witness the public defection of the former vice-president at the Yola rally. 

Atiku in a statement, yesterday, urged his supporters across the country to take opportunity of the APC registration exercise commencing Wednesday to join the opposition party. 

He cited what he claimed as the reign of impunity in the PDP which, according to him, had led to the unprecedented division in the country along religious, regional and ethnic lines. 

The exit from the PDP would be the second time that Atiku would leave the party, having first left the party in 2006 at the time of the crisis between him and former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Culled from :

Saturday, 1 February 2014

(photo)African China explains what has kept him out of music, says he back for his fans.

Reporters ran into one-time most sought after/most talked about music artiste in Nigeria, Africa China, this week asking him what has kept him out of the music world for so long. The music star who is currently working on a collabo with Flavour and 2face Idibia said he left music temporarily to raise his children, but is fully back now
"I've been working but after becoming a father, I told myself I needed to concentrate fully and see what fatherhood is all about. I do not want to have a scattered home. You know its not easy. I know I may not be able to manage stardom and family so I had to quit one for another. No that I left music but just I just wanted to relax and face my family. I left music for them but now that my kids are grown up, I think I can hit the streets. I'm good to go." He says. Continue...

Talking about his new slimmed down look and darker complexion, African China jokingly blamed it on fatherhood.
"(Laughs) fatherhood join. E reach make person thin o. They say that one thing that remains constant is change but one has to change for the better and not for worse. Leaving the scene for long and now planning to come back, its good that I'm coming back with a new look because if you come back and you don't look good, that means you have been suffering all this while.

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Forbes list of the 10 Most Powerful Men in Africa 2014

Forbes magazine has released its 2014 list of The 10 Most Powerful Men In Africa and 3 Nigerians made it. They are;

1. Simdul Shagaya: Tech Entrepreneur and Founder of and (pictured right)
2. Chinedu Echeruo: Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of and (pictured left)
3. Kola Karim, Nigeria, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Shoreline Energy International.

See the others after the cut...

4. January Makamba, Tanzania, Deputy Minister of Communication, Science & Technology and Member of Parliament
5. Ashish Thakkar, Uganda, Founder and Managing Director of Mara Group, Mara Foundation and Mara Online
6. Mamadou Toure, Cameroon, Founder and Executive Director of Africa 2.0
 7. Amadou Mahtar Ba, Senegal, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the African Media Initiative
8. Ben Magara, Zimbabwe,  Chief Executive Officer and Director of Lonmin
9. Komla DumorGhana, Lead Presenter on “Focus On Africa” and BBC World News’ European morning segment
10. Mohammed Dewji, Tanzania, Group Chief Executive Officer of Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited

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