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Iyanya gets $25k Rolex watch from his manager, and world's most expensive perfume from GF

Iyanya yesterday 31/9/2013 got a $25, 000 Rolex watch from his manager and partner, Ubi Franklin as a birthday present. He also got one of the world's most expensive perfumes from his current girlfriend. see images...


Pics: Stella Oduah faces House Committee hearing over car scandal

Embattled Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah today faced House Committee Hearing over the BMW car scandal. See more photos and read a transcript of what was said at the hearing after the cut



Transcript from Premium Times

The minister has finally arrived at the venue of the hearing, 100 minutes after the hearing was scheduled to kick off. The lawmakers now setting up to start the hearing.

Stella Oduah, the aviation minister has just taken her seat before the committee. The hearing begins.

Hearing committee chairperson, Nkiruka Onyejeocha, gives her opening speech, explaining the delay in starting the hearing and that the committee would be just and fair.
Delay was because venue used for hearing on Wednesday had been taken over for a another hearing on Land racketeering.
“This committee is out to get to the bottom of the matter. But committee is not on ‘witch-hunting’”
Onyejeocha quips on the tense mood here. “We are not mourning, there is no aeroplane crash; I want to see everyone smiling,” she says. “Feel free and relax.”
The minister is about to be called upon to testify. She takes oath to say “nothing but the truth, the whole truth.”

Ms. Oduah starts by apologizing for inability to attend previous hearings. She said said her absence was not out of disrespect and thanks the committee for rescheduling her appearance.

Ms. Oduah says opportunity to appear will allow her give her side of the story. “For the past week, I have been bashed in the media, many have also risen to my defence.”
She said her spokesperson’s admission of the alleged purchase, while right on concerns for her safety, was “inaccurate”.
She goes ahead to say online publications that she compelled NCAA to purchase cars for her were “false and malicious” allegations. “False in its entirety!”
Says online allegations not substantiated but based on “erroneous” comment of her aide.

“It is not true, cannot be true that NCAA bought bullet proof vehicles for honourable minister of aviation. My understanding is that what NCAA has done is to plan for its vehicle needs for the next three years under the Medium Term Expenditure Framework,” — Stella Oduah
Oduah: NCAA has real needs for new operational vehicles. Insists armoured cars not meant for her but foreign dignitaries.
“NCAA acted within the ambit of law”.
“Nothing in the stated documents mentioned my name. I did not request for any vehicles. All I did was to approve the purchase, subject to the agency doing the needful(following the law). NCAA followed due process as required by law.”
“The Federal ministry of aviation under my watch has always ensured we act in a prudent manner and under the ambit of the law”-Stella Oduah
The aviation minister still rendering her opening remarks.
The “First Bank facility to NCAA to the tune of N643 million mere understanding not an obligation” she daid.
“Nigeria’s airspace is now rate among the safest in the world”. She adds that allegation about car purchase is meant to discredit her team and give the impression her effort at reforms is not succeeding.
NCAA has not spent any money not appropriated by the National Assembly. The agency has even saved the nation a cost and further embarrassment that may occur in future.

The minister’s initial presentation is over. She is now receiving questions from the lawmakers.

Minister insists NCAA did not exceed its limit or violate the law.
She is reminded by by Jerry Manwe (Taraba state) that the National Assembly rejected armoured cars in the budget which she is defending, the minister buckles: “NCAA will answer that,” she says.
Minister is pressed by Zakari Mohammed(Kwara state) why she exceeded her approval limit, she said her comment on the letter to NCAA was not final but advisory to NCAA to follow the law.
On the said letter, the minister wrote “Approved. Do the needful”.
Brief game on semantics here. Minister says “Do the needful” could mean anything”. But the lawmakers are not having that. NCAA is called to explain the “needful” it did. And the NCAA director general shirks to the former acting DG who was in charge then.

Blame briefly leaves the minister to officials of NCAA over “do the needful” directive. For a moment, lawmakers appear to agree with the minister the all-encompassing comment exonerates her. The former acting DG of NCAA is tackled for even initiating a memo to Odua for a purchase out of budget, and beyond approved limit.

Jerry Manwe (Member) to minister: If the armoured cars were not for you as you claimed, who is using them now?
Former acting DG answers for minister: Any one can use any car in the pool
Manwe: Do you mean a cleaner can use those kind of cars?
Former DG: Anybody can use; but those kind of cars are for VIP movement, including foreign dignitaries, including the minister, and even you honourable member!
Manwe; Thank you. But the law of the country does not allow me to use those cars.

Attention has left the minister for more than half an hour. Lawmakers again tackle Coscharis over the disparity in chassis numbers of the cars.
A frustrated Chief Executive of Coscharis, Cosmas Maduka,makes it clear his company has nothing to hide as the committee would think. “We are not doing monkey business here,” he asserted. Mr Maduka was asked to withdraw the comment and he promptly complied.

Reps wrapping the hearing. Chairperson Onyejeocha said despite the testimonies from those invited since last week, the committee has received sufficient documents that will inform its report. “We have given everyone fair hearing,” she said.
“We assure everyone and all Nigerians we will do justice”.

Hearing Ends. Thanks for following our updates. Do stick around our site for the rest of the day as we will put the proceeding in their correct perspective for you

This one is for you ladies, check out pics of Joseph Benjamin working out.

Check out Joseph Benjamin getting all sweaty and stuff during work out! sexy huh!?

Kanye says he and Kim are more influential than Barack & Michelle

Kanye needs to change his The talented rapper, who used to constantly criticize the media in the past, now seems to love the media since becoming a member of the Kardashian clan. Kanye now loves promoting himself and his baby mama Kim Kardashian any opportunity he gets.

In his latest interview, Kanye explains why he and his fiancee Kim are more influential than president Barrack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Kanye tells Ryan Seacrest;

"There’s no way Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be on the cover of Vogue. She’s like the most intriguing woman right now. She’s got Barbara Walters calling her like everyday.”

“And collectively, we’re the most influential with clothing. No one is looking at what [Barack Obama] is wearing. Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a [bikini] pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day

How to keep Your Private Part healthy (Women)

A healthy vagina is equivalent to a healthy woman. So, it is very important that all women should be concerned about their vaginal health. If you want to protect yourself from common yeast infections and vaginal odour, then follow these simple Ten Commandments to keep your v**ina healthy.

-Don't use soap – At times, the odour of your v**ina can be very overpowering embarrassing, but at these times, avoid cleaning your pubic area with soap or liquid cleanser. The v**ina can stay clean by itself, as our body has a system for it. Also, during menstruation, just wash it with water to maintain good hygiene.
-Stay away from vaginal sprays – You might think that using a floral spray on your v**ina, will give it a sweet-smelling scent, but this could actually ruin the pH level of your v**ina and cause irritation and other problems.
-Maintain good hygiene during your periods – For a healthy v**ina, it is very important to follow proper hygiene during menstruation. Never use your sanitary napkins for too long. It absorbs blood and if used for a longer duration it can cause bacteria build-up and lead to rashes and irritation.
-Wear cotton panties – Choose cotton panties over other material as they dry quickly and also allows passage of air, which further helps in preventing yeast infections due to damp conditions. So, avoid fancy underwear made from fabrics like lace, silk or synthetic material.
-Wear loose clothes – Wearing tight clothes like skinny pants usually traps moisture and can lead to yeast infection and rashes. So, it is very important to wear loose-fitting clothes.
-Trim pubic hair – Maintain good vaginal health by regularly trimming your pubic hair. Excess hair around your v**ina can create a moist environment, which can cause bacteria to grow leading to infection.
-Do kegel exercisesKegel exercise will help to strengthen your pelvic muscles and also help you enjoy s*x. While you urinate, try stopping your urine midstream, by tightening your muscles for few seconds and then release them.
-Drink plenty of water – The best way to keep your v**ina healthy is by drinking water at regular intervals. Water helps to throw out bacteria present in the body in the form of urine, and helps in boosting your vaginal health.—
-Check strange vaginal behaviour – If you notice a strange, smelly vaginal discharge, excess itching or unusual colour then it is important that you treat these symptoms by consulting your doctor, in order to prevent it from getting worse.
-Go for a Pap Smear – Since cancer is on the rise, it is best to prevent it rather than treat it. The best way to prevent cancer of the cervix is to take a pap smear test at least once a year or as advised by your doctor. This will save your life and keep your v**ina healthy.

Source: Times of India

How A Lady Was Forced To Make Love With A Dog And A Horse For Money [Photo]


When the Internet first came to the continent of  African society, most people were  very pleased with it because it reduced stress of communication.

It served many people for chatting, sending mails and even business. As the time passed many ladies discovered that they could use the internet to find a chat friend or a life partner.Some girls have greatly benefited just by using the internet to find their dream marriages or relationhsips. Others have fallen into traps in the West and wish they would never have known what the internet was. This is the case of one Cameroonian, Elvire Axelle Tchamakoua.

Axelle is prostituté who is pimped to various men by her main man Jean Claude (French Businessman). She did not mind serving her customers from the front or from behind. She has been doing this job for quite a while and was used to this. The shocking part of it is that, Axelle is a 24 years old girl with a Formal Training Certificate in Aesthetics and Beauty. Why a young lady in her age would wish for fast cash is the question many people are asking.
According to reports Axelle met her pimping Boss, Jean Claude on the Internet in October 2011. They had a normal chat like every other person would have when chatting with a stranger. Jean Claude told her he was a Businessman based in Marseille (France) and was into import and export. Axelle who thought she had found the lové of her life continued her communication with Jean Claude Fayard and on March 2012 he came to visit her in Cameroon. There was a huge celebration at Axelle’s Aunt’s Residence at Santa Barbara in Yaounde. Two days in Cameroon, Jean Claude proposed to Axelle and got married to her in both traditional and Legal Ceremonies. Both marriages took place on the 18th and 20th of March 2012 respectively.
Jean Claude made all travelling arrangements and the both of them flew to France on the 21 of March that same year.He even gave Axelle’s family the sum of 600.000 FCFA for their up keep. Not knowing that they were selling their daughter into séx slavery, the family happily bid the couple goodbye as they left for France.

The truth of the matter was that Jean Claude is a pimp who goes to Africa and picks up girls to come and work as séx slaves for him in France. Since Axelle did not know about this, she would wish she never used the internet in her life. As the couple arrived France, they lived in a town called Clermont Ferrand for about 9 months after which they moved to a new place called Lourdes. It is in this place that Axelle had the worst experience of her life.
A few days after their arrival to Lourdes, a man knocked on the door saying he wants to see Jean Claude. Little did Axelle know that, he would be her first client who had already paid into her husband’s bank account. When Axelle called her husband’s attention to the guest, she was shocked when her husband told her to do whatever the guest tells her to do.

A few days later after coming home from work, Jean Claude sits Axelle and laid down the rules and regulations of the job. He told her she has to pay back all the money he spent on her in Cameroon. He calculated the amount to be more than 3,000 euros and she will also be working for him for the next two years. Axelle who became speechless thought she was dreaming. It was  worse when Jean Claude collected her personal belongings and all her documents. She was also prohibited from making any calls to the outside world.
Every day she had male customers who would come for her service taking her from front and behind all the time. She was mandated to do whatever they wanted. They would not use any protection during intercourse. One day Jean Claude came home with a customer accompanied by a dog. The man whose name is Loiseau had deposited some money into Jean Claude’s account. Axelle who didn’t see this coming was pushed into the room and forced to have séx with the dog which she did. It is said that Jean Claude made more money when Axelle sleeps with an animal so these deals became the order of the day.

After her encounter with the dog, Jean Claude left with Mr Loiseau leaving Axelle alone in the house. After numerous trials, she broke down the door and ran into the street where she met a Cameroonian couple living in the town. They helped her to get to the Embassy where she narrated her ordeal. The Police was immediately dispatched to Jean Claude’s house where they found evidence linking him to kidnapping and other serious allegations. Jean Claude was immediately arrested and is waiting for judgement. Meanwhile Axelle flew back to Cameroon and was immediately taken to the hospital for further examinations and treatments.

See what the Internet can do to the youths of a country. All that glitters is not  Gold, my dear brothers and sisters. If some of you could hear the stories of some Africans in the Diaspora,you will not envy them at all. After everything, home is the best even when our government and politicians fail us.What do you guys think. I need your contributions.

ASUU Strike: Police Use Tear Gas Against Protesting UniAbuja Lecturers


Eyewitnesses said that the lecturers had gathered at the mini-campus of the university at Gwagwalada for the protest when suddenly policemen and plain clothes security personnel took over the entire arena and prevented them from the embarking on the protest.
Dr. Clement Chup, zonal Chairman of ASUU, told the journalists that ASUU forwarded a written request to the Commissioner of Police at Gwagwalada to notify him of their intentions, but all the protesters were shocked when the policemen showed up and prevented them from entering the campus.
Read the press statement of ASUU rep below:
“We, members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU of University of Abuja had actually planned to carry out a peaceful demonstration today (October 30, 2013, Wednesday). What we planned was to have a community marching just to march through some major streets in Abuja, to sensitize the public on the essence of our strike. You will agree with me that the strike that has been on for the past four months now is a cause for worry for everybody. We wanted to tell members of the public we are on strike because the Federal Government have refused to implement the agreement they had with our members since 2009.
“But unfortunately when we got to the campus this morning, we were prevented from entering the campus by policemen. When they prevented us from entering the campus we sat down helplessly outside the gate, just chatting and trying to put heads together, the policemen came around and tear gassed us several times to disperse us.
“We were wondering why security agents who supposed to provide security for law abiding citizens would turn around and begin to oppress the same people they are supposed to provide security for. It was really a cause for worry, even as they threw over 13 canisters of tear gas at us. Some of us were soaked in the tear gas and one of us who has asthma condition was rushed to the hospital.
“We insisted that it is our right, so at the end of the day, we were able to carry out our protest at a point in front of the university gate. When they tried to stop us and they didn’t succeed, they now allowed us to carry out our protest at the gate where we displayed our banners, sang our solidarity song and left”.
Commenting on the rally, the Divisional Police Officer, Gwagwalada, Mr. Tony Okon, said the presence of policemen at the campus, was to protect innocent citizens against hoodlums.
“Shooting of teargas was to prevent hoodlums from joining the protest so that they do not take advantage of the situation and cause any damage” the DPO said.

Source: Vanguard

Latest News In Nigeria, Nigeria might not get better

Latest News In Nigeria, Nigeria might not get better.

Disparity and ethnic discrimination in Nigeria might just never stop. The phenomenon has been the age-long reason why Nigeria has failed to meet global development expectations through generations. What is not surprising about this situation is that every ethnic group feels cheated or not favored by the others. What is surprising, however, is that most ethnic groups have not yet realized that there just might never be a peaceful or successful Nigeria unless we learn to judge people as individuals and not collectively as a group. Generations of Anglophones have, over the years, campaigned against racial discrimination and segregation from the white folks to blacks. What is ironic about this is that discrimination is relatively dominant in Africa, and somewhat checked among the westerners. While white men of today hide their discrimination with a measure of civility and a patronizing façade of courtesy, a case study has proven that Nigeria and most African nations are replete with loud and demonstrated, although most times underlying, tribal hate which often culminates into a catalog of rifts and riot, of misjudgment and sometimes, if not all the time, ignored social crimes.

Nigeria, just like its sister states, has failed in achieving equality and unity among its diverse peoples. The people refuse to accept another tribe's own ways and excuse their shortcomings and this is the reason why we might never have a unity or commonness of purpose, hence the retarded rate of development of our dear country. The tribal hate, like a slow smoke, has arisen insidiously and become a mindset, almost a culture and is accepted and encouraged and most times, overstated. For instance, it has become normal for an Igbo man to call a Yoruba man dirty. It feels appropriate for an Hausa man to perceive an Igbo man as dubious, and it is acceptable for the Yorubas to feel insecure when with an Hausa or Igbo man. While these issues have been neglected and overlooked from time immemorial, they have grown and made it impossible for Nigerians to keep an open mind while dealing with people from other tribes. For instance, it is very typical of an Igbo man to assume that an Hausa man, by virtue of his ethnicity, has limited intelligence.
These misunderstandings have trailed Nigerians, over the years, and have been used to dispossess certain cultures and malign some ethnicities. Considering the rate at which these default opinions have eaten deep into our society, it is almost impossible to initiate a reform without first of all tracing the issue back to its root and with specific references and illustrations.
A famous Nigerian writer once said that it is impossible to engage properly with a person or a people without engaging properly with all the stories about them. So, in light of this, I feel it is impossible to get to the root of this issue without engaging with the behavioral pattern of these ethnic groups. So below are the well researched reasons why different tribes in Nigeria react the way they do towards one another.
The Hausas
This group occupies the northern parts of Nigeria which is rife with harsh intemperate and extreme weather conditions. The cold seasons come like plagues, drying up every moisture in the atmosphere and the wet seasons, if any, approach rather tardily, with scanty rains and fast wind. The general season in these parts is hot, extremely hot such that flies and different tropical insects thrive there. The north is characterized by scanty and low vegetation, a few grasslands and deserts. The people in these parts are farmers. They deal on food crops and livestock. Most Hausas are nomadic herdsmen, rearing cattle and sheep. The dominating religion in these parts is Islam, so most Hausas, a huge number of them, are Muslims.
The average Hausa man is a simple man, not taking life and ambitions too seriously, working hard for each day’s meal and not expecting too much from life. He generally marries more than four wives and most of these women are married at alarmingly tender age, (10-16). They see very little need for education and do not feel too proud to do menial jobs. Most of the gatemen, cobblers, hawkers and butchers are from this tribe. They take life the way they see it and are generally honest; although most Yorubas and Igbos will argue that Hausa leaders have not been quite thrifty with national funds (Gen. Abacha and co.), but a good number of the average Hausas are honest.
Hausas are impatient with other religions, are quite inclined not to truly take time and understand them. Many Christians who live in the north always have to look over their shoulders. Hausas have been known not to show mercy when killing Christians. Despite this, Hausas are people who love serenity and are contented with very little. They have been known to always lend a helping hand to people who lack. It is said that if an Hausa man has just a loaf of bread, he is willing to share it with ten of his brothers. Perhaps, this is the main reason why they do not like the Igbos in particular. As the Igbo people are very ambitious, not contented with little and always desiring education, better and improved standard of living – that sort of thing. The Igbos have been known to produce intellectuals and superstars more than any other tribe. This, maybe, is the main reason the Hausas find them rather intolerable.
I once spoke to an Hausa gateman in one of the hostels in Imo state university and he told me that they, (the Hausas) are not as privileged as the Igbos with reasons that, the Igbos went to school, had good weather and monogamous homes where parents attend to their needs; he said the Igbos are pampered. He further went on to shed light on how the Igbos are ambitious, full of talents and freedom to pursue their goals, not inhibited by any tradition or religion. He called these privileges and I had to ask him if it was God who made all these possible for the Igbos or if it was by their making. He replied that it was their making and went ahead to ask me why they were so ambitious. Why won’t the Igbo people just let things be? Must they always pursue every dream they have? These were the last questions he asked me. Another person, a student, once told me that Igbos are greedy, always striving to outdo other tribes, particularly the Hausas in everything. He described the Igbos as domineering. So perhaps, these are the reasons why the Hausas do not always accommodate the Igbos.
            The Yorubas
They occupy the western parts. These are the parts to first receive white men and civilization into Nigeria, because their parts are bordered by Atlantic Ocean and other big rivers. They had the first schools, churches roads e.t.c. and when Nigeria became a country; their parts harbored its first capital. So they were civilized way before any other tribe in Nigeria. They are generally more passive than any other tribe when it comes to riots and wars. They are quiet and fun-loving people. A Yoruba man does not joke with his party. Their women often have black skins with an authentic smoothness and African allure. The Yorubas like education, entertainment, anything that makes them happy. They have no beef with Hausas, because Hausas let things be, but they do not totally accept the ambitiousness of the Igbos. However, they never get violent in expressing this. As long as their gbedu is not tampered with, you have no problem with the Yorubas.
The Yorubas might not be the best at certain things but they do enjoy competition. Whenever there is any form of rivalry in entertainment industry, there must be a Yoruba person involved. Other tribes complain that Yoruba people are boastful. In Nollywood, Yoruba actors like Omotola always prove difficult to work with. This might not be a deliberate action, but people say that it is in the nature of Yoruba people to assume they know best, perhaps, this is why the talented actress finds it difficult to conform to instructions. Also, in the music industry, there is always constant rivalry involving Yoruba artistes like Wiz kid, Davido and D’banj.
I think the Yorubas are misunderstood. They are expressive people who, no doubt, love to show off. But this might not mean that they are necessarily proud or braggadocios as perceived.
The Igbos
The Igbos are the most interesting and complex group in Nigeria. They are driven by one thing, the zeal to succeed, to hold their head high; to stand their own. They occupy the eastern region and boast of the most beautiful and naturally light skinned women in the nation.
The Igbos have no tolerance for failure. They generally put in their best efforts in whatever they do and generally come out the best. Legends in various fields that have come from Nigeria are mostly Igbos. The Igbos boast of beauty queens like Oluchi and Munachi, athletes like Kanu Nwankwo, Glory Ayozie and Chioma Ajunwa; intellectuals like Chinua Achebe, Buchi Emecheta, Flora Nwapa, Chimamanda Adichie; actors like Genevieve Nnaji; singers like P square and personalities like Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. Generally, Igbos have been known to make Nigeria proud as their success is often based on pure and natural talents which make them stand out among their counterparts. This is why success seems to fall into their arms. Igbos who become famous, unlike other stars, retain their fame and remain relevant because of their natural talents. They can be distinguished from a sea of other people who do the same thing. That is why a producer like don jazzy can make Forbes list of 40 most influential people in Africa. This is also why people like Onyeka Owenu have remained viable over time.
The Igbos are inventive and creative. Maybe that is why they produce the best writers in Africa. It was a group of Igbo people who started what is now known as Nollywood in 1993. It was an Igbo woman who first published a book in Africa, pioneers in legal system like Oputa are Igbos. It was an Igbo who championed the independence of Nigeria. The most famous artists in Nigeria, such as Ben Enwowu, are Igbo. Igbos have the ability to create something big out of nothing, to thrive and succeed despite bad government and the economy. That is why a retarded town like Aba, is one of the chief producing towns in Nigeria. Igbos do not go into anything with the aim of competing with people, but with the aim of succeeding, maybe that is why they often do.        
The Igbo man has no patience for failure. If they do not succeed in a particular area, they swiftly move to another until they have achieved something. They do not give up. The Igbo man would do anything to give his child a bright future, which is why they even migrate illegally to many foreign lands with a view of meeting this end. However, their nature makes them misjudge other ethnic groups. An Igbo person does not see a reason why he will fail so laughably at anything. Even bloggers from Igbo recreate blogging into something serious, as serious as Linda Ikeji’s blog. This is why they get shocked when they see the calm and not-too-ambitious spirits of the other tribes. This is why they get shocked by other tribes and this is why the other tribes misunderstand them. An Igbo man does not understand why someone could settle for gateman when he can be the landlord. They do not understand why you will write an exam not not be the best.
The Igbos do not agree with nonchalance and laziness. They have a problem with mediocrity and half measures. This makes them the envy of other tribes, or maybe it is the fact that they always rub it in that stimulates the hatred. An Igbo boy once said to me, “When we go to Hausa and Yoruba lands, we become landlords and they end up becoming our gatemen, and when they come down here, they also become our gatemen. Why wouldn’t they become frustrated and angry with us?” now he had said this for the sake of humor and the Yoruba and Hausa people around there had turned on him verbally.
The Igbos are generally peaceful. They do not care for violence because it doesn’t pay. They do not care for anything that doesn’t pay.

Understanding the differences in the mindsets of these peoples would be the only way Nigeria can reunite and become what has eluded it for years; reach goals that have been deprived it as a result of disunity. Until we all understand that every tribe has its shortcomings and lifestyle, until we learn to indulge and tolerate one another, Nigeria will still be a mess and the possibility of advancing will still be very slim.

Chidera Duru,

The Author of THE SOUND OF WAR.

Uba Alex,

Editor in chief,

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

NEWS: Wizkid Performs To An Almost Empty Hall In Abuja

imageimageContrary to one of his lyrics ” plenty men shall fall that day if you crossed my lane…” Only one man(Wizkid) ‘fell’ at the International Conference Centre, Abuja in a poorly publicised Wizkid Abuja Invasion, organized by Yankee Entertainment. Wizkid who had claimed in a song that not many people can hold him to ransom was the only victim of humiliation as he performed for himself and few others at the popular ICC, Abuja to the chagrin and consternation of his few fellow artistes.
The Holla at ya boy crooner who had high expectation, as the event marked his first official show in Abuja was disappointed as seats were completely empty. He had waited till 10pm backstage, hoping that more patrons will grace his show, to no avail. He stormed the stage few minutes past 10pm, but obviously disappointed as the usual Abuja fans witnessed at Iyanya and Terry G’s show were totally absent.

A fan who spoke with DailyPost after the show had asked if Abuja fans despised Wizkid . He was however quick to dismiss the notion, concluding that the show failed because there was no publicity. He said, “Abuja people read news a lot. Most of us here are mobile freaks, and we do nothing else but to surf the net for the next big thing in Abuja. It’s not enough to just go to Wazobia or Cool Fm, and you think the show will be a sellout. The social media is the strength of every show. I googled the show, but I didn’t see any result. I think the show failed because of poor publicity. I’m disappointed.”
Another fan said ” it’s unbelievable, a whole wizkid? Abuja people really “fall this guy handooo”
Meanwhile, Wizkid took to twitter this morning to encourage himself when he tweeted that he was not bothered by recent events around him.
He tweeted ” Up! Aint worried abt nothing..on to the next one…owo n wole wa!”
No doubt, the star showed his disappointed right from Abuja as he failed to show up at the after party held at a popular club in the nation’s Capital.

Beverly Osu finally gets over Angelo, blames herself for everything

Beverly Osu has finally seperate herself from Angelo by removing his photo from her
From twitter  profile, she’s starting to get over him!  They were lovers in the Big Brother house (BBA-The Chase) but soon after the reality show was over, they hardly talked.